Halon Free Fire Extinguisher installation

The use of Hand-held fire extinguishers containing Halon in Aircraft will become prohibited end of 2025 and you will need to replace all them.

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Leather seat covers and carpet to match design of the...

Replacement of the fabric crew- and passenger seats covers with custom manufactured leather covers and replacement of the carpet both to match the exterior and interior design of the helicopter.

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Introduction of second separate electrical release circuit to existing electrical...

Introducing a second separate electrical release circuit to the existing electrical upper cargo hook to add the possibility to release the lower cargo load separately in case of "long line" operation. The mechanical emergency release circuit on the upper hook remains unchanged.

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NVIS Supplemental Lighting System Airbus AS350 AND EC130

Installation of NVIS aircraft lighting modification for an Airbus AS350 or EC130 Helicopter. Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) modifications are required to maximize visual acuity and safety while operating an aircraft with night vision goggles (NVGs).

ASU offers nearly 40 STCs covering more than 80 makes and models of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. 

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