Installation of Norton Radome B787 Dreamliner

Norton Radome for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner 

Saint-Gobain Composites Aerospace (Ravenna, Ohio), a business unit of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, has been working in close cooperation with Spirit AeroSystems (Wichita, Kansas) for many years to supply Norton high-performance radomes for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. And with success! Since the start of this cooperation and program deliveries beginning in September 2011, Boeing has delivered 431 787s to 41 airlines around the globe and is on track to deliver number 500 in December 2016.

The radome design provides the 787 operator with the best weather radar performance and excellent service life. 

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Is moisture build up,costing you profit? choose Dryliner!

Is your standard fuselage liner causing you a headache, because it is not working properly? The effect will be that you aircraft will perform less because of bad moisture drainage. this will cause you to fly  "overweight" & experience more downtime inflicted by corrosion & insulation blanket replacements 

DrylinerTM is a product specifically designed to eliminate moisture buildup in aircraft insulation blankets by directing moisture away from the blanket and into the bilge. Dryliner is installed between the aircraft skin and insulation blanket which insures proper air circulation and moisture drainage. 

In short: DrylinerTM exhibits superior drainage capability and air circulation performance over standard fuselage liners, saving you time & money!

Over 350.000 sheets of  Dryliner are currently flying worldwide on the following aircraft:

727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, A300, A310, A320, DC8, DC9, DC10, MD11, MD80/90.



Proponent is the new identity representing Kapco Global and Avio-Diepen as one united company, and the unique capabilities that the new organization brings to the aerospace market. With extensive experience in supporting the MRO, OEM and airline markets, our organization offers innovative inventory and supply chain management solutions to OEM and aftermarket customers.


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Nose Radome Pilatus PC-24 Business Jet

Saint-Gobain Aerospace is the proud supplier of the nose radomes for the new PC-24 business jet built by Pilatus, of Stans, Switzerland. The initial deliveries of this aircraft are expected to occur in 2017.

The radomes for the Pilatus PC-24 are manufactured with advanced Sheergard™ materials from Saint-Gobain that provide superior radar transparency and in-flight durability.  “Saint-Gobain has been the radome supplier to the PC-12 for more than 20 years and we are excited to have joined with Pilatus when the new PC-24 business jet program started in 2013”, says Eric Evennou, Sales Manager, Europe, for Saint-Gobain Aerospace.  “Our engineers have been working closely with Pilatus to provide the highest transparency radome and the lightest weight structure for this new best-in-class business jet.”


“Saint-Gobain was selected for the PC-24 because of their sound design knowledge, combined with more than 50 years of success in providing reliable and durable radome structures, including the Pilatus PC-12”, says Design Build Team Leader, Pilatus Aircraft.


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