SBB Honeywell Aspire 200 on Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300

The Aspire 200 IG (Intermediate Gain antenna) Inmarsat Swift Broadband Satcom is Honeywell’s most economical connectivity solution offering high speed data capability. Designed to be a compact, lightweight Satcom for turboprops up to mid-size business jets, the Aspire 200 IG provides a high level of performance making it a suitable choice for all size aircraft whose cabin voice and data connectivity needs can be met with a single-channel of Swift Broadband service.

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WIFI AIR TV is an easy to install solution, offering passengers In Flight Entertainment and Connectivity on board.

Passengers will be able to upload any program or movie from a catalogue using WIFI Technologies’ WIFI Cabin Network. Applications self-upload under Windows, iOS or Android on their computers, tablets and smartphones. News and events information are updated automatically in 3G/4G before take-off.


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WABNET Iridium Wi-Fi Router by AviatorWifi

WABNET’s wireless aviation router brings affordable connectivity onboard. Aviation Wifi allows crews using their own tablets to make and receive voice calls, send or receive messages, emails, and stay current with their operational services. Finally, an affordable solution is available to meet the growing demand from airlines on any type of aircraft, even regionals.

Connectivity will improve management of medical emergencies in flight, diversions or in any crisis situation.

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Installation of an Aircell Universal Cabin System (UCS) 5000 with WLAN

Integrate your inflight data, entertainment and network management functions all in a single system with the first Smart Cabin System.  The UCS 5000 is a small but powerful system that allows for all of your cabin avionics to be managed automatically and reliably, creating a flight experience like no other.  Get the full advantages of speed, reliability and quality for your Phenom by installing the UCS installation STC.

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Installation of Aircell High Speed Internet (AHSI) System with WLAN

Consider an aircraft modification that provides a high-speed internet connection for your personal and business needs in the sky.  This AHSI with WLAN system STC offers coverage for your inflight needs.  Upgrade your Phenom to receive the full advantages of flying with WiFi connectivity.

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Installation of Aircell High Speed Internet (AHSI) System with Wireless...

Installation of Aircell High Speed Internet (AHSI) System with Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) capability

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