Moving ahead with your iPad® / EFB Solution

Fokker has joined forces with Navtech and Jepessen, leading providers of flight operations solutions, and developed an EFB solution for iPad® installation that may revolutionize the way we navigate our skies. Technology moves quickly, and at Fokker Services it is our policy to stay ahead of the game. We design and launch more than 300 aircraft modifications every year, believing that even an already functioning product can be improved on. In recent years Apple has captured the hearts of the consumer with their innovative thinking, whilst Navtech represent quality and credibility within the aviation industry. Combined with the history and experience at Fokker, the development of such an innovative yet simple solution felt like a natural progression. Service providers today are under a lot of pressure to meet growing demands. Products must be efficient, safe, cost effective, user and environmentally friendly; Our EFB installation is ticking all the boxes.

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Installation of an AlliedSignal TCAS-II Model No. CAS-67A, with Model-S...

Installation of an AlliedSignal TCAS-II Model No. CAS-67A, with Model-S Transponders Model No. MST-67A.

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