LED Sealed Beam Replacement Lamps for Part 25 aircraft

LED Sealed Beam Replacement Lamps from Talon

Get Light-Years ahead of your competition!

Talon Aerospace sealed beam replacement lamps are designed to allow for plug and play replacement of the existing sealed beam lamps fitted on an aircraft. Talon has 3 sizes available, with replacements for the Par 64 landing, Par 46 taxi and Par 36 logo, runway turn-off, engine and wing scan applications. The existing sealed beam lamps have a design life span between 25 and 300 hours while the Talon LED replacements are designed for 20,000 in service hours.

Light output is comparable to OEM lamps and the Par 64 landing light and Par 46 taxi light are designed to meet Mil Spec standard MIL-L-6503H. The LED replacements work with the existing transformers on the aircraft and are designed to minimize the overall LRU count within an operator inventory. The LED replacement lamps are designed with cool white LEDs to maximize light output but the Par 36 logo is also made available in warm white. Par 36 LED replacement lamps operate on both 13V and 26V AC, while the Par 46 and 64 operate on 26 VAC. All lamps can also operate on 28VDC, allowing for rotorcraft applications.

Talon LED sealed beam are designed at comparable weight to existing sealed beam lamps of equal size, allowing them to be used in existing fixtures. The current draw for the LED lamp is significantly lower compared to the existing units. Landing light Q4559X draws 650W while Talon LED replacement TAE0728-1 draws only 104W.

The LED replacement lamps are fully repairable and operator can replace individual components like the LED board, power supply and lens in case of failures, reducing cost of ownership.


Talon and Proponent

Proponent is the exclusive global distributor of all Talon Aerospace products. This relation provides customers with the latest generation of LED lights.


Proponent is the new identity representing Kapco Global and Avio-Diepen as one united company, and the unique capabilities that the new organization brings to the aerospace market. With extensive experience in supporting the MRO, OEM and airline markets, our organization offers innovative inventory and supply chain management solutions to OEM and aftermarket customers.

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Conversion of aircraft interior to Class E cargo compartment

Conversion of the main passenger cabin to a class E cargo compartment for the carriage of freight and change to the location of rapid decompression vents for planned future bulk cargo loading operations.

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Installation of bulk cargo restraint system with transverse nets

Bulk cargo restraint system to the Saab 340 aircraft permitting 2 different configurations. Each can accommodate bulk loaded cargo. Configuration 1 is able to accommodate euro pallets, Configuration 2 accommodates mail trolleys. For operators not wishing to accommodate mail trolleys, deletion of the structure associated with Configuration 2 removes unnecessary inspection time. Not installing at the time of conversion also saves installation time and cost, and hence aircraft down time.

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Recore of Hamilton Standard Heat Exchangers 779215-1 and 779215-2 for...

Recore of Hamilton Standard Heat Exchangers 779215-1 and 779215-2 for installation on the SAAB SF340A and 340B in accordance with Honeywell LORI Sealed Drawing List SDL3400-1, Revision B, dated 10 October 2005 or later FAA approved revision.

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Modification of a Collins CTL-23 or CTL-23C VHF COMM/NAV Control...

Modification of a Collins CTL-23 or CTL-23C VHF COMM/NAV Control Panel System installation.

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Modification of a Collins ALT-50A or ALT-55B Radio Altimeter system...

Modification of a Collins ALT-50A or ALT-55B Radio Altimeter system installation to a Collins ALT-1000 or ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter system installation in accordance with Collins Drawing Index as listed on AML No. ST01305WI-D, Revision -, or later FAA approved revision.

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