Installation of modern Survival ELT

Orolia (Kannad Aviation) and Proponent bring you the latest technology in Survival ELTs in an affordable, light-weight package with a small footprint.

Ready to be installed on any commercial aircraft for retrofit or line fit!

Proponent is the new identity representing Kapco Global and Avio-Diepen as one united company, and the unique capabilities that the new organization brings to the aerospace market. With extensive experience in supporting the MRO, OEM and airline markets, our organization offers innovative inventory and supply chain management solutions to OEM and aftermarket customers.

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Conversion of aircraft interior to Class E cargo compartment

Conversion of the main passenger cabin to a class E cargo compartment for the carriage of freight and change to the location of rapid decompression vents for planned future bulk cargo loading operations.

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Installation of bulk cargo restraint system with transverse nets

Bulk cargo restraint system to the Saab 340 aircraft permitting 2 different configurations. Each can accommodate bulk loaded cargo. Configuration 1 is able to accommodate euro pallets, Configuration 2 accommodates mail trolleys. For operators not wishing to accommodate mail trolleys, deletion of the structure associated with Configuration 2 removes unnecessary inspection time. Not installing at the time of conversion also saves installation time and cost, and hence aircraft down time.

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Saab 340 Bulk Cargo Restraint System (as defined in document...

Saab 340 Bulk Cargo Restraint System (as defined in document S21 MDL-0034). This major change will introduce transversenets at discrete positions in the aircraft main cabin (converted to Class E under STC Twenty One Limited major change S21.25-63-1015) to restrain bulk loaded packages. The nets wil... EASA.A.S.01738

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Rework of the Class E Compartment for inclusion of a...

Rework of the Class E Compartment for inclusion of a courier seatingarea for up to 5 occupants, S21.25-63-1355.
Limitations: EASA.A.S.01681 R1 and EASA.A.S.01738 must be installed.
Conditions: Prior to installation of this modification it must be determined thatthe interrelationship between this modification and any other previouslyinstalled modification and/ or repair will introduce no adverse effectupon the airworthiness
of the product

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