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The FIELD AVIATION APU removal STC for the DHC-8 provides the operator with a procedure for removing the OEM Installed Hamilton Sundstrand T-62T-40C7B Auxiliary Power Unit.

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Your needs

Removal of APU for operations where it is not required providing additional payload capacity.

Your benefits

Up to a 250 lb weight savings.

Product description

 Removal of the APU includes the following:

• Removal of the APU, Starter Generator and miscellaneous accessories

• Removal of the APU structural mounting provisions

• Removal of the associated ducting AFT of the pressure bulkhead

• Removal of the drain lines and welded drain mast and installation of blanking doublers 

• Capping and stowing the associated electrical harnesses

• Draining, capping and stowing the APU fuel supply lines

• Removing the control heads for the APU system and installation of blanking provisions

• Temporary removal options are also available

TC and EASA STCs are also available.


Your benefits

Up to a 250 lb weight savings.

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