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The FIELD AVIATION temporary Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Removal STC allows for continued operations of the aircraft with the APU removed.

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Your needs

Continued dispatch of aircraft while APU is removed for service or other requirements.

Your benefits

Dispatch when APU is removed.

Weight savings of approximately 200 Lbs when APU is removed.

Product description

The modification involves the removal of the APU Starter/Generator and the APU engine. The remaining APU system components such as the FADEC and APU Fuel Pump are disabled.

While the Bombardier Aircraft Maintenance Manual provides instructions for the removal of the APU while the aircraft is undergoing maintenance, it does not allow the aircraft to operate with the APU removed. In addition, the aircraft Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Procedures Manual does not list the APU and APU Bleed Air System as required equipment for dispatch and provides maintenance procedures for dispatch with the APU and APU Bleed Air System inoperative. These maintenance procedures are incorporated into this modification.

Removal of the APU involves the following:

• Removal of the APU, Starter Generator and miscellaneous accessories

• Capping and stowing the associated electrical harnesses

• Capping and stowing of fuel lines

• Blanking of the Engine Inlet Silencer

• Blanking of the APU Bleed Air Tube

• Installation of Placards

• Function check of the DC Power System

EASA and TC STCs are also avaialble.

Your benefits

Dispatch when APU is removed.

Weight savings of approximately 200 Lbs when APU is removed.

Bombardier Q400, DHC-8-400 € RFQ

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