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The FIELD AVIATION STC for the installation of the Universal Avionics Solid State Data Transfer Unit (SSDTU) allows the user to replace the existing aircraft DTU (either floppy or Zip drive) with a solid state unit. With Zip drives becoming increasingly difficult to procure and repair, the SSDTU represents the next generation of data upload/download equipment.

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Modernize methods for updating FMS databases to current technology.

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Utilizes flash memory technology, adding speed and ease of use to data transfers.

Product description

The SSDTU incorporates high speed USB and SD memory card ports for data transfers, eliminating the issues experienced with Zip disks. The SSDTU appears as a network file server to other interfaced LRUs and transfers data files between the media ports and the LRU using a high-speed Ethernet data bus connection.

The existing DTU is replaced with a SSDTU. The SSDTU is connected via Ethernet to the FMS system and compatible with the following FMS versions:

• Universal Avionics UNS-1C+

• Universal Avionics UNS-1E and Ew

• Universal Avionics UNS-1F and Fw

The SSDTU is certified to FAA TSO-C109 and meets EASA ETSO-C109 certification criteria.

Your benefits

Utilizes flash memory technology, adding speed and ease of use to data transfers.

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