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The FIELD AVIATION Sky Connect FLEET Tracker System STC provides a complete aircraft tracking and cockpit communications solution over the Iridium® satellite network.

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Your needs

The ability to track your fleet in real time.

Your benefits

Maximizes safety and efficiency by actively monitoring and managing aircraft fleet.

Product description


The Sky Connect system transmits encrypted real-time GPS-based aircraft position reports via satellite at automated intervals to authorized control centers using secure data protocols, including:

• Aircraft registration

• Time/date

• GPS-based position, altitude, ground speed, ground track

The Sky Connect Map web-based software displays the aircraft location, GPS flight plan, crew status and weather overlays on topographical maps.

Voice and two-way text transmissions are available through the MMU-II controller mounted in the cockpit. The MMU-II is the smallest cockpit dialer available, with highly customized options for pre-stored messages, forms and phone numbers. The system provides a headset level interface tied into the aircraft audio panel with:

• 500 pre-stored phone numbers with names

• 200 pre-stored text messages and mini forms

• Two-line, 32 character display

• Full DTMF telephone keypad

• Keypad text entry

Messages sent to the aircraft by the dispatcher are displayed immediately and all messages received during the flight can be recalled.


Your benefits

Maximizes safety and efficiency by actively monitoring and managing aircraft fleet.

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