ModStore provides the aviation industry a dynamic centralized platform connecting sellers and buyers of aircraft modifications. It contains a steadily growing number of aircraft enhancements, already covering over 35,000 certified modifications for commercial and business aircraft and helicopters. The ModStore also includes minor modifications and products that are under development.

Modification Buyers

Aircraft operators, owners and visitors ("Buyers") have free access to www.ModStore.aero after registration. They can easily find suitable modifications per aircraft type or ATA based categorization, and contact the providing company directly for further inquiry. For more information please click here

Modification Sellers

To modification specialists, suppliers and STC Holders (‘Sellers’) ModStore is an online catalogue which provides information on the modifications they developed, allowing buyers around the globe to get in touch directly and do business.

ModStore Seller Members can promote their modifications in an affordable online industry environment. We offer a 24/7 access to the modifications and the possibility to add, remove and update detailed information and pictures to the modifications to match the market situation.  For more information please click here

Join the ModStore Network!

By connecting professionals working in Engineering, Design or Certification of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft modifications, we have created a new network. A platform where members can share their thoughts on new developments in aviation, discuss mutual experiences and most importantly find new partners to team up with. 

Powered by Fokker

ModStore is powered by Fokker Services, a company with a long track record in Aircraft Modifications and serving a global customer base. Fokker Services promotes ModStore among the worldwide aviation community to create an open and transparent modification market.