Introduction of ADS-B Out as per CS-ACNS

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is a system broadcasting, without the need for action from the pilot or any request from ATC, that provides an enhanced set of aircraft surveillance data to Air Traffic Management (and potentially to other airplanes)

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ULB Upgrade to DK120/90

The ULD upgrade consists of replacing the battery, in the existing (30 days) ULB, with a new Li Ion battery to support 90 days ULB operation. There is one ULB attached to the cocpit voice recorder and one ULB attached to the flight data recorder.

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WIFI AIR TV is an easy to install solution, offering passengers In Flight Entertainment and Connectivity on board.

Passengers will be able to upload any program or movie from a catalogue using WIFI Technologies’ WIFI Cabin Network. Applications self-upload under Windows, iOS or Android on their computers, tablets and smartphones. News and events information are updated automatically in 3G/4G before take-off.


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Installation ADS-B Out Challenger 850SE

In January 2017 Duncan Aviation announced the upgrade and installation of ADS-B Out avionics equipment on a Challenger 850 SE.

The Duncan Aviation Satellite Avionics Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, upgraded the displays, GPS sensors, and software in the cockpit before upgrading the Rockwell Collins TDR-94D transponder, bringing the aircraft into compliance with the FAA’s ADS-B Out mandate, which has a mandate coming due in 2020.

Using the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approved for use in the United States by the FAA and developed by Avmax (STC ST03651NY), headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, and the STC for Wide Area Augmentation System/Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (WAAS/LPV) developed by Rockwell Collins (STC ST01514WI-D), the Las Vegas shop readied the Challenger for WAAS/LPV and then performed the upgrades necessary for ADS-B Out.

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WABNET Iridium Wi-Fi Router by AviatorWifi

WABNET’s wireless aviation router brings affordable connectivity onboard. Aviation Wifi allows crews using their own tablets to make and receive voice calls, send or receive messages, emails, and stay current with their operational services. Finally, an affordable solution is available to meet the growing demand from airlines on any type of aircraft, even regionals.

Connectivity will improve management of medical emergencies in flight, diversions or in any crisis situation.

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Paint Refurbishment

Duncan Aviation is one of the busiest paint providers in the aircraft refurbishment industry. We paint over 200+ aircraft per year at our state-of-the-art facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, Battle Creek, Michigan and Provo, Utah.

All locations are capable of handling all sizes of business jets including Gulfstream, Global Express, Legacy, Falcon 7X down to business jets such as Lear 45, Challenger 300, Falcon 2000 and Citation 680 aircraft.

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Removal of Divan Seating Restriction

Installation of an arrester block cushion onto the upper surface of the forward divan cabinet, which allows the removal of an existing restriction on the occupation of the forwardmost seating position on the side facing divan, The change also removes existing placards which limited the seat position as “Not to be occupied during Taxi. Take-off or Landing”.

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Introduction of Wireless Local Area Network.

An Airborne Wireless Local Area Network Unit (AWLU), comprising a CNX-200 Network

Accelerator and two S-band antennas provides, in conjunction with the satellite communication system, onboard data networking for computers and other electronic devices used by both passengers and crew. Access to the Local Area Network (LAN) is via wireless connection or four LAN ports located at the left-hand seat 2, right-hand seat 2, left-hand outboard seat 4, and left-hand seat 5.

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Introduction of a Corporate Interior

Installation of corporate passenger interior configuration into Bombardier CL600-2B16 (605 variant).


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