Helmet Combination with NVG Mount and Battery Pack

A new product combination designed for a more rugged, lighter, comfortable mission experience with the new ASU aviation night vision helmet mount and battery pack known as the Aeronox® along with the Aspida™ carbon Paraclete Aviation Life Support helmet with the Kairos™ Retention Assembly, and ASU white phosphor night vision goggles.  

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White Phosphor Night Vision Goggle AN/AVS-9 (M949)

The new White Phosphor Night Vision Goggle is the first technological breakthrough in aviation goggles since the Generation III goggle was introduced.

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Green Phosphor Night Vision Goggle AN/AVS-9 (M949)

Green Phosphor Night Vision Goggle.

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WABNET Iridium Wi-Fi Router by AviatorWifi

WABNET’s wireless aviation router brings affordable connectivity onboard. Aviation Wifi allows crews using their own tablets to make and receive voice calls, send or receive messages, emails, and stay current with their operational services. Finally, an affordable solution is available to meet the growing demand from airlines on any type of aircraft, even regionals.

Connectivity will improve management of medical emergencies in flight, diversions or in any crisis situation.

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OWLS Microgimbal Surveillance System

ASU's OWLS combines a compact night vision sensor with an image stabilized microgimbal enclosure that can be designed to perform surveillance, reconnaissance, target detection, and target tracking from airborne and manned platforms.

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Halon Free Fire Extinguisher installation

The use of Hand-held fire extinguishers containing Halon in Aircraft will become prohibited end of 2025 and you will need to replace all them.

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EFI-890H EFIS for S-61A

Heli-One offers 4-display EFIS system for S-61 helicopters. The system is based arund 4 ea EFI-890H units from Universal Avionics, LCR-100 AHRS and one L3 standby instrument. The system is qualified for military aircraft.

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Installation of Sperry C14A gyrosyn compass system.Descriptive data pertaining to...

Installation of Sperry C14A gyrosyn compass system.Descriptive data pertaining to this design change are considered inadequate for duplication in other products. This approval is limited to only the installation made in Sikorsky, S61N, Serial No 61424.

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NVIS Supplemental Lighting System SIKORSKY S-61

Installation of NVIS aircraft lighting modification for a Sikorsky S-61 Helicopter. Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) modifications are required to maximize visual acuity and safety while operating an aircraft with night vision goggles (NVGs).

ASU offers nearly 40 STCs covering more than 80 makes and models of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. 

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Sealed Lead Acid Battery Installation

An alteration that will keep you running more efficiently for longer – reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability. This modification replaces the original NiCad batteries found in the S-61 fleet. Unlike the original NiCad batteries, the new sealed lead acid batteries are not affected by thermal runaway. Therefore, the battery temperature warning system is disabled. This kit consists of two installations. The forward installation is in the forward avionics bay at the original battery location while the aft installation is in the original location for auxiliary battery. Each battery is a 24-volt, 42-ah RG-type valve regulated lead acid battery. The batteries provide power for limited ground operation and engine starting when external power is not available. The alternate battery is connected in parallel with the primary battery to the essential DC bus through a separate battery relay. This modification also removes the nose vibration absorber which is a common source of maintenance issues. This battery modification will make your S-61 safer, more reliable and reduce maintenance costs.

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