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Engineering Bulletin (EB) introduces, on customer request, a change from

carbon brakes to steel brakes on an aircraft which has previously steel brakes installed (ATA 32-4)

This is applicable for several series Boeing 737-NG

Your needs

On short haul flight steel brake may be more economical then carbon brakes which are more cost effectieve on long haul flights. Also fleet commonality may be improved

Your benefits

Fleet commonality and more economic brake use

Boeing 737 NextGen
€ 15.000 - 50.000

Product Description

This Engineering Bulletin tells you how to :

Remove the existing carbon brakes and wheels.

Install the new steel brakes and wheels.

Remove the existing antiskid autobrake control unit.

Change the polarization of the aircraft connector.

Install the new antiskid autobrake control unit.

Remove the existing brake hydraulic lines and flow limiters.

Install new brake hydraulic lines and standard unions.

Functionally test the affected systems.

Updates of the applicable manuals as required.



Your benefits

Fleet commonality and more economic brake use