Be A Sponsor!

Promote your company during the Aircraft Modifications Seminar.


These are the available Sponsor Opportunities:

* ModStore Seller Members receive a 20% discount on all Sponsorship Packages.


Next to the above-mentioned packages, you can choose the following exposure event options:

Lunch Buffet

We start the afternoon with a lunch. During this lunch your company logo will be visible for all attendees on the screens and tables in the exhibition and lunch area.

$ 200

Coffee Break

During the coffee breaks your company logo will be visible on the screens in the conference area.

$ 150

Networking Event

The Networking event will take place in the reception area. In an informal atmosphere all attendees will be enjoying networking, good food and live music. As a sponsor, your company logo will be visible during the entire Networking event.

$ 400

Prize Draw

During the Networking Event we will host a prize draw to give away a DRONE! Your company will be mentioned during the draw and your logo will be visible on screens in the Conference Area.

$ 250

Terms & Conditions

  • Gold and Silver Sponsors will have the possibility to set up a small display of 3m². These sponsors need to bring their own exhibition material and necessary accessories (such as a pop-up banner, electricity cables, etc.). Tables can be provided if requested in advance.
  • ModStore Seller Members receive a 20% discount on the Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsorship packages. This discount does not apply for the additional exposure event options.
  • Multiple Sponsors are allowed per additional exposure event.
  • The invoice for the applicable Sponsor amount will have to be paid before the start of the Seminar.