Installation of a LPV Converter

The LPV Converter was developed for all Cessna Citation Jets which are either equipped with the legacy Honeywell SPZ5000 System or with Proline21 without the capability to display glideslope information on the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) (EHSI/PFD) and consequently where LPV approaches are not possible.

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AED installation

The use of automated external defibrillators (AED) is essential to increase the chances of survival in case of a cardiac arrythmias such as ventricular fibrillation (VF) and non-perfusing ventricular tachycardia (VT) when used in the first 10 minutes.

AMC1 CAT.IDE.A.220 (b) (4) stipulates that the aircraft operators should carry automated external defibrillator (AED) on board all aircraft equipped with a first-aid kit and required to carry at least one cabin crew.

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WIFI AIR TV is an easy to install solution, offering passengers In Flight Entertainment and Connectivity on board.

Passengers will be able to upload any program or movie from a catalogue using WIFI Technologies’ WIFI Cabin Network. Applications self-upload under Windows, iOS or Android on their computers, tablets and smartphones. News and events information are updated automatically in 3G/4G before take-off.


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WABNET Iridium Wi-Fi Router by AviatorWifi

WABNET’s wireless aviation router brings affordable connectivity onboard. Aviation Wifi allows crews using their own tablets to make and receive voice calls, send or receive messages, emails, and stay current with their operational services. Finally, an affordable solution is available to meet the growing demand from airlines on any type of aircraft, even regionals.

Connectivity will improve management of medical emergencies in flight, diversions or in any crisis situation.

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Halon Free Fire Extinguisher installation

The use of Hand-held fire extinguishers containing Halon in Aircraft will become prohibited end of 2025 and you will need to replace all them.

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Paint Refurbishment

Duncan Aviation is one of the busiest paint providers in the aircraft refurbishment industry. We paint over 200+ aircraft per year at our state-of-the-art facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, Battle Creek, Michigan and Provo, Utah.

All locations are capable of handling all sizes of business jets including Gulfstream, Global Express, Legacy, Falcon 7X down to business jets such as Lear 45, Challenger 300, Falcon 2000 and Citation 680 aircraft.

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ADS-B Out upgrade – Textron Cessna 525 Series

QCM design provides the EASA STC for the ADS-B Out upgrade on the Textron Cessna 525 series.

This STC provides operators with a cost effective and easily installed solution to meet the upcoming ADS-B Out mandate in 2020.

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Installation of an Allied Signal two tube EFIS- 50 on...

Installation of an Allied Signal two tube EFIS- 50 on Co-pilot's panel with Honeywell FZ500 Flight Director in accordance with ElectroSonics Drawing No. ES525-720250- 01, Revision 1, dated February 2, 1999 or later FAA approved revision. Certification Basis Limitations see above Conditions 1. Compatibility of this design change with previously approved modifications must be determined by the installer.2. The aircraft must be maintained in accordance wit FAA ApprovedMaintenance Manual Supplement, document number ES525-720250-200, Initi (...)

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Installation of AlliedSignal two tube EFIS-50 on co-pilot's panel with...

Installation of AlliedSignal two tube EFIS-50 on co-pilot's panel with Honeywell FZ500 flight director.

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Installation of Rockwell Collins ProLine 21

The ProLine 21 Radio System will include dual Com's, Nav's, Marker Beacons, Glideslope's, ADF's, DME's, TXP's and Radio Tuning Units.

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