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When more than one antenna is required, the GPS antenna mount is a must for any S-76A/C rotorcraft. Installed on the existing tail rotor driveshaft cover of this rotorcraft, the new GPS antenna pad is designed to accommodate up to two GPS antennas. This modification is similar to other pad installations that Sikorsky has developed over the years. This simple and easy-to-install design provides a convenient way for two antennas to be installed on the tail rotor driveshaft cover.

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Sikorsky Helicopters S-76

Product Description

Iinstallation of Tail Rotor Driveshaft Cover, Dual GPS Antenna Mount Installation, Structural Provisions

Please contact modification supplier for further details.

STC Status: Issued
STC Date: 19/05/09
Responsible Office: New York Aircraft Certification Office (ANE-170), Tel: (516) 228-7300

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

  • S-76A
  • S-76C

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