Modifications (14)

Installation of a LPV Converter

The LPV Converter was developed for all Cessna Citation Jets which are either equipped with the legacy Honeywell SPZ5000 System or with Proline21 without the capability to display glideslope information on the Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) (EHSI/PFD) and consequently where LPV approaches are not possible.

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Installation of CMA6800

Installation of CMA6800 LCD display to replace Honeywell ED-800 CRT

The Esterline CMA-6800 Display is a form-fit-function replacement for the Honeywell ED-800 CRT displays on a number of aircraft, with a modern LCD display using LED backlight.

The Part 25 AML STC includes the Citation III, VII, Gulfstream III, Hawker 800 series/Hawker 1000, Fokker F27, Falcon 900, Bombardier 415, 600 series and Dash 8. Sikorsky S76 STC will be available soon.

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LCR-100 AHRS for Citation Excel / XLS

DAC International is in the final stages of securing an STC for the Citation Excel/XLSto replace the aging LCR-93 AHRS, which has been out of production since 2002. 

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GDC64 TAIU, iPad Tablet to Aircraft Interface Unit

A powerful new generation of iPad® and Windows based applications is transforming how pilots access and view data to enhance situational awareness.

With DAC International’s new GDC64 Aircraft Interface Devices which connect iOS and Windows-based tablets to the aircraft for charging and data connectivity, these exciting new insights are just a click away. Plus it’s easy to install and gives pilots access, through their tablets to a variety of specialized applications and other real-time flight and navigation tools.

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Installation of DAC International Dual Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) System...

Installation of DAC International Dual Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) System (Class 3, Type 'B')

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Installation of Single UNS1K/L - SAAB340

Installation of a single Universal Avionics UNS-IK Flight Management System with integrated GPS. 

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